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This article is about coaching, but there is no coaching in this article. Since I am always indifferent to academic achievement, since I have completed every stage of the academic study, at the age of maturity, writing academic education as system loss will be a sign of cloth. Academic study takes place in a Balanced Society. At the end of studying at BUET, I did not enter the job-bakery and passed the time in human research, as the familiar man said that the talent was crazy. There is a kind of latent praise in it. But if I quit studying after class nine and did what I was doing now, then these familiar people would engross me in the machine of 5 o’clock in the day and say, ‘What are you capable of, without any of these ballets? Ramachalagale speed is the jackfruit! Same man, do the same; The only comment on the academic study is the continent. The society does not run with exceptions, the society takes the norms, manar, process, method, system. Due to the so-called modernization of academic studies discouraging It would be incomprehensible that it would be in its own rules, for that process does not require the design, but the society runs over the average people. There are no tools available to make ideal average, none comparable to academic study. I do not see the necessity of coaching with academic studies. The Education Act saw a draft proposal, in which coaching has been defined as – the government has recognized the means of teaching money in exchange for personal initiative outside any mainstream educational institution. The definition may not be like this, but it is precisely the main idea. That is, reading or teaching anywhere outside of the school-college and taking money from the training is coaching. Private reading or leaving the teacher at home is coaching. In the last few years, online learning or training has gained popularity in Bangladesh, more will be done in the future. Ten minutes school, a different kind of school, two platforms are known for online learning. They teach online, so students do not have to pay any money, but the organizers must take help from the sponsors to continue this set up. It is also financial transactions from one side, where the consumer is not being given the initiative, but the initiative is given by donations or sponsorship. But some other kind of school or ten minute school is probably not called coaching. But considering Ethical Ground and Definition, these two platforms should also have been considered as coaching. If I now use the word “parallel school” or “shadow school” and say the two parallel schools mentioned above, most of the parallel schools will agree, and say this is parallel school, what is so much about it! If online learning is parallel schooling, can it be called parallel school if offline work is done? Logically thinking should be said, but there is less chance to say. Because there is a lot of difference between online schooling and mainstream schooling, on the other hand, this difference is not offline at all. In both cases the student has to be physically present, and the prorality has to be fixed. The mainstream school or offline school, where will I give time, and when the time comes my better output will come. I’m not sure whether Parallel Schooling Concept actually examines Bangladesh in Bangladesh, or whether it is Fibibil. It is a matter of concern that the darkness of our nation’s indecision, ready-made gains, shortcut, misery and deprivation, can turn away from the impenetrable power of Mahabharata. Talking about education, why the topic of coaching comes up repeatedly? Because coaching and academic education have become turbulent and have not been able to find separate existence of rice and pulses. In the last 30-40 years, coaching has become a part of culture. For 30-40 years, due to the wording of the word, it is 100 years of age if the private or domestic education is coaching. While studying Rabindranath Tagore’s childhood, he was also the tutor of his brothers and sisters. Then perhaps the wealthy would have kept the tutor, usually the tutor became part of the culture. Those who have less tolerance, they do not call the teacher at home and sit in the teacher’s home. Asking why you are reading, you can answer by answering very few people. I’ve been private until classes 4 to class ten. Why? Because math without the help of sir, the English taught that this belief was not in me. The bigger ones, the smallest private tutor, the senior students who were good students, everyone used to read privately. As a result, the private and the school became the complainant of each other. Why did you go to school? If you fall back to the private sir, you can not get up to Seven, roll number will not be available. Sirs used to fall in class and read, if they could not read, would have raised the problem of 2-3 maths and said the rest themselves. But there were problems in a chapter, many who know who will be tested! Geometry extras would not have been used in the class, but the exams would be exhausted; Who will do that! Private sir would have done one after the other, we took the book, repeatedly practiced it; I did not forget to practice for 1 month. Some of our senior schoolmates were enrolled in Notre Dame, their mouths were heard in Notre Dame College, all taught in the class, no need to read private.In his new address, Principal Benjamin Kasta said in his speech: Notre Dame students do not have to read any private; First Year’s first class was Physics, Suddenly Sushanta Sir He also had a commentary – Notre Dame Private does not have to be read. I do not have to be completely convinced to read private. But in the 50 minute quiz reads other questions, who will solve them! Guidebook Kine. After 6 months I see, almost a few people apart from a few are private. Rana Sir, Ferdousi Madam, how many more! This may be a wonderful case study for me. A survey of educated people below age 40 can be seen, I think it will be difficult to find 3% of the total population, who have never been private. And now I am more skeptical about the fact that it can be found in 1% of people under 20 years of age. Why coaching or private actually fall? For passing exams and good results. Everyone does not make good results, why do others fall? Even if it can not do good results, the desire works for everyone. What will happen if you do not coaching? The test will fail. If the majority student does not have the skills to solve the problem manually then what is the benefit of the problem? The teacher is making a solution to guide himself, he is also setting the question to see the guide, and the teacher is also evaluating books. Assessment is then the car; Teacher or the student? A few days ago on Facebook I saw a picture being viral, a boy of class four or five wrote a book – when the sound was heard, he called the word. It is seen that as a mercenary, the boy has been made a cheerleader. But that’s not what a boy has done to create a nice explanation by committing a concession. There is no scope for making a personalized sensation where, if you have the intellectual ability to memorize the definitions written by older people, they will read the private. Rabindranath Tagore has a strange line of thinking about education: ‘It is a stolen item to pass in the face.’ The boy who is taking the book secretly in the test runroom is favored; And the boy who hides more than that, that is, taking it to the brain without taking it in the sheets, he or she did less? ‘ After a lot of talk about the teaching of the face, the education system started in the name of creative, but in the first light of last year, in a research report, 52% of the government teachers in the country can not create creative questions. Grading We were the 3rd batch, our time was 1392 GPA five across the country, the previous two years’ number was very low, due to which the results of our year have been frustrated with many disappointments; If so many sons receive a plus, then what is the price? More than the division system was better! Our numbers continue to grow by the following year, and within a few years the number has crossed 1 million. In just a few years, there was such a horrific level of merit in the country that it got huge amount of GPA! During the student hearing, I wrote love letters in the examination table, requested Sir to let him pass or else he would neither get married nor would his father disagree. The policy has been issued to prevent such activities, if the case ends, the account will be canceled. In the current time, if the writing is written in the Khata, the number will be received, because the three teachers I have told me – the chief examiner gave strict instructions, can not be dropped in any way, otherwise you will not get the next year nor the book. By showing more than the passing rate, we have achieved the maximum GPA Five, which is what is the most important plan that has been implemented. Recently I have heard a strange rule. Grading is also provided with or obtained numbers. Grading means a benchmark. Let’s say that New Zealand’s field is small, there is a mischievous number six. Australia’s fields are huge; It’s hard to hit sixes But if the sixes in New Zealand’s field will be caught in another ground, will they be dismissed as sixes, or if the ball was hit by sixes, then if you lose the ball, will you add 12 runs? That’s the beauty of Benchmark. You will give birth to millions of GPA Five by the Sea of ​​Ocean, and then release the number for competitive exams, then the previous division system was better. 20 people used to stand; Their interviews were published on television and in newspapers; They used to say very well- I read only 4-5 hours a day, I did not have a private tutor! Or the semester system has a credit hour, as well as for the topic, weighted average should be taken. How do you evaluate students in physics 97 and 67 in social science? If this is a weighted average system, then this problem could have been solved.

Though the main objective of academic education is to create a man of paper and mind, in essence, the purpose of education is to create skilled workers for the state, and to achieve the sole objective of education in our practical life, which will provide good jobs. But in the workplace education has become a reality, and following the syllabus unrelated to the industry. If the worker is needed, then he is not taught the content and tools of Leadership, Timmanship, Excel, Project Management etc. from the school stage? It was a long-term training before entering the workplace. A vak is a learning curve, is there anyone waiting for the academic syllabus to be wise in the era of Google? A student has to take about 9-10 exams? Why will there be so many things? The maximum 3-4 tests can be examined, there will be many substitutes; The one who wants to take it from there, if not, that is 3-4; It will be understood who will be the staff and who will be the researcher or policy maker in the future. At the same rate, sand and diamond measurements are highly estimate of the sand and diamond is greatly devalued. How many researchers or policy makers need for a Balanced Society? The worker is the zodiac sign. So the system is designed like that. Basic filtering of BCS selection, such as remembering a lot of information, similarly making a balanced person, by reading a number of subjects, in reality, people can not be made inhuman, even seeing the data of so many years, can not it be understood? When the number of issues decreases, more focus will be done with the average level. If the test is the main side, the question lies in a festive environment, or what! Passed students should be admitted to their preferred colleges, if required, written tests. In case of university, where can you apply. Now the internet has come; Answer the three specific questions and you can email it to the University of the email can be shortlisted on its basis. They take examinations, and if they ask for a questionable question, they have examined the leaked question or have tested it in their own knowledge.
A social contamination occurs when a society exceeds a certain degree of depletion. We are now living at the depletion level and currently live in a horrific taste disorder. A few days ago, I read an article in Rowar Bangla, or a hotel where people sell meat. Our lives have been immersed in immense luxury and inadequate power. Status, respect has become the only criterion of all money. Meaning of being wealthy, wealth has entered into a lot of wealth, success is meant to be successful. As a result, the development of Sukomal scholarship has ceased. The feeling of foresight is now only moving in the dictionary, in reality it is not seen. Most teenage youths did not listen to Vision; What is the background of teachers who will teach them? By completing graduation, we came in contact with at least 43 teachers; At the end of this long education, there are three teachers who can be found to be respected, to which respect comes from every heart. Why not wake up? Because the teacher itself is ideologue. If you do not get the privilege, you are not able to give up the question, life is just food, clothes, no accommodation, life is bigger, how many teachers do you know about this philosophy? How many teachers read 3 books a year? If the teacher is out of boundaries in the school or college, if the teacher is lost in thousands of people, he can not be separated, the teacher will respect him; Does the tannery dry skin cow? There is no respect, no faith, no question, just want wealth, power and endless nurses; What will be the distortion?

If the certified job power factories are studying at the academic level, then there is a scar on this factory. Many people can not feel proud to say such a disgusting education. If you want to answer, why are the majority of students falling in Pali, Sanskrit, Urdu, etc., and why do excessive excitement work for the subject of marketing, journalism, pharmacy, finance etc.? Or first year, second year student in the university university, why will the BCS guide be taught? If you have genuine acceptance, do not have a species? National University, what is the future of millions of diplomas, and why their big part is suffering from extreme depression? When I interviewed the interview, Why is the 90% Graduate mistake in writing English? It is not unusual to make a mistake, but it is a crime to not accept it wrong. You are writing in the newspapers that the country is full of unemployed, on the other hand, the workers are not getting the right people as they are getting jobs. Are you sure there is a skill in the field, even though the educational background, how many people are not getting jobs? Prognosis, self-determination, etc. are unknown in our locality. There are 3 types of people in the world – Thinking based, Action based, Balanced. But perhaps Bangladesh is the only country where 4th one exists in existence, that is Arambesaid, and this number is the highest. Arambessa means selfless people; They do not sit in their mind; nothing feels good; If someone feed them on their face, it is best. How many such people were created arombed? That mental progression Our academic life is more than 17-18 years, if the session is closed.We do not know to take the risk of having a permanent dependent on this long term, we do not know how to take risks, we are just waiting for the sir to come and solve it. The inland life was not developed in one day. Once in Germany – Bangladesh Technical Institutions, a gentleman remarked: ‘The foreign workers who work in the top positions in Bangladeshi industries take away all the money in the country, the amount of remittance sent from outside our country, the difference between the two is very different Not more. What is coming is going on again. And it is not that foreign managers are taking the money by force, because they are the level of skill because the companies pay them so much. ‘

In future, 5% ‘Extra Ordinary Quota’ will be started in universities. To define the Extra Ordinary, several parameters will be set; Then if some people capsize people. The conventional arrangements can not be made to make the balled people, to provide skilled workers. What is the future of this education? Our society is running out of a broken car, rushing out, and the destination is not known, but the accident is sure!

Most of the people who are recognized and honored as academics in Bangladesh are ideologically thought to be people who are hippocrates and inertians. They are ready to solve any problem, the solution is nothing different than a 15-year-old teenager’s solution. It’s almost what everyone needs to know, what is the achievement in saying this; How to do that is a big consideration, and to say it is to have real life researcher. Do this by sipping the coffee in a closed coffin; it is a laughing matter to the people; The evidence of thinking does not match. Nobody likes to read, forced to fall. Do not like it, there is no extreme research on this? Float Floats There are a lot of things that can be found in the survey, but what are they worth? When the promotion is available for the job, the PhD intends, what we can expect from those PhDs. As a result, education like other sectors has become an investment banking industry. But since education is directly related to the personality of a person, individualism, infertility barred the entire state of the art. When a questionnaire is waiting for a festive, people will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of the questionnaire on Facebook and they will clap loudly, at the time of the tastes, you will focus on leaving the words ‘balanced’, ‘morality’ in the dictionary, and applying Tamil movies to the TV. If you keep the face in the sand, what is the ostrich from the storm surge!
When we were in school, Nine-Tens entered the lab for a total of 5 years, while studying in the most prestigious schools of Manikganj district. At the village side schools may not open the list of labs. However, it is reported that Bogra, Mymensingh or Rajshahi got admission in Dhaka University or BUET admission test, but compare the data of the last few years, the number of opportunities available in the reputed universities or mediapersons outside Dhaka is decreasing at the alarming rate. Maybe 10-15 years ago there was some level playing field, now totally absolute dominance of Dhaka. We have noticed that Dhaka is completely separated from Bangladesh and has become a separate economy. Dhaka means Bangladesh? Most of the present Bangladesh, who are conducting intellectual excellence, have come to Dhaka from study centers outside Dhaka. Has the natural talent gone? But the method of examination, evaluation method, the difference between the rest of the cities with Dhaka has gone into the discrimination phase. Discrimination will increase further, I do not see the signs of low vision.

Who is coaching, why do? Basically teachers, college or university students are educated and educated youths who do not get jobs after the study. There may be a small group of people who want to work in the field of fierce pashnet, education, and coaching and earning some money. In the context of Bangladesh, the majority of the group is considered to be rare and hold them as an exception. In the second or third draft of the Education Act, I saw a word ‘Shadow Education’, through which there was an attempt to legitimize coaching. The coaching term is a taboo in the context of Bangladesh. Why Taboo want to give a quote to understand its source. Trying to remember if anyone chooses a quote from the age of 6. When the government ordered the Coaching Center to stop the questioning of the SSC examination, he gave the quote while talking to someone working in coaching. The quote says: “In the city of Dhaka, every year 200 buffaloes enter, we take it as beef in the morning. Similarly, MPs, secretaries, professors, journalists, police, educators, BCS cadres, coaching all the boys, also introduces additional discounts by identifying themselves, but when talking on TV cameras, talkshops, while writing on Facebook, I would say coaching is very bad, coaching must Should be banned. The buffalo has an identity even though; I do not even have that ‘. Teachers do not pay attention due to coaching, because of coaching, students do not come to class, coaching questions leak; Many more complaints. During the medical admission test, 2-1 coaching directors have been arrested on the charge of questioning, the pictures also come in the newspapers; So the question leaks are not unreasonable. But deviation, slipping occurs in any sector, it is not logical to say that the whole sector is guilty. The government official has been arrested for bribe, this number is more, or the number of coaching officers arrested? Of course the first team; Does it mean that a government officer means a bribe, a stereotype will reach a sensible person? If you are admitted to a school, then after passing SSC, usually, unavoidable reasons are not seen in the case of school change. But if the private tutor is not absent for two weeks or the end of the coaching syllabus, the tutor will be dropped, coaching will also be lost. As a result, this sector has to prove itself every moment and survive. Service is out, you do not. Coaching has already become part of our culture at the level of mental suppression; It is certainly glum and painful. But by law is it possible to change the culture? Coaching stopped, so the guardians will exclude teachers from home; Is it possible for the police to have a home tutor supervised? How many lakhs of police are needed for this and how long will they do this? If the coaching sector is banned, will it be possible to stop the coaching that has grown up in the neighborhood? Large coaching with signboards will probably stop, but around the coaching of the para-mahallas going to the underground, the new syndicate will be formed. Local Pati leaders, police and journalists will earn money in different ways, coaching will also be done. How many parents think, if coaching is banned, they will not keep teachers at home? Or if the teacher’s salary is just how much money they will not get privately? If neither of the two is able to provide satisfactory answers, then it should be ensured that the problem is not coaching or private tuition; The problem lies in the reasons. In BUET we used to read the books of the Reconcie Hallid, or read Mathematics Differential Equation Books, in no way was answered; As a result, we had to understand Concepts very well for sure. Problems with the problem were not very similar to the problem, because the theories could not be solved if one could not understand it well. As we solve math in life, reading society-geography, nothing in practical life is useful. Yet they are taught to awaken feeling within us. In that case, what will be the sense of math or suggestion resolved by sir? Who should have more priority than those who tried it? If that is the case, then there is no need to read private. Since there is no demand, business is closed. If the initiative is not taken, then the target will not be met. It’s the same thing as not coaching. If there is no harm, even if there is no profit. Pain in your stomach, massage your hands and feet for 23 years, do not stomach pain until you discover the cause of abdominal pain and get the necessary medicines. As a means of addressing educational problems as well as the need to ban private tutoring or coaching, it is a tendency to avoid a liability or send sacrifices to hide their own inability. Coaching is closed; What is the leakage question? How many of the teachers or coaching businessmen among them have been caught? Education is a huge galaxy; Private tutoring or coaching is nothing more than a small satellite. It is so insignificant that I do not see anything at this time. Do a deep study of the test system, if you need to experiment with small sample size, then see results and then go to big scale operation. But if this test is not confirmed and evaluated, then if we do not make big changes in these two concepts, we will not win the battle with 5 lakh elephants.

Is coaching a threat to mainstream schools? This question is the disadvantage of extreme dimensions. It is possible to give some people a hand in the side cricket, so this is a threat to Test cricket? How will the people who are so fickle about their ability to create futures assets! I was surprised to give Google Search on Shadow Education or Shadow Education. A scholar named Matthew Isles has been conducting a research on shadows for a long time. He reports that the worldwide shadow market will grow to $ 102.8 billion by 2018, which is about one-sixth of the size of Apple’s market size. In a report of Ittefaq, I got a coaching market in Bangladesh or Tk 32 billion. How come so much money? Perhaps the number of people interested in coaching business is also more. If the price of 1 perfume is 500 rupees, perfumes to sell 1 million perfumes will have to be sold. How much money does the profits exclude all costs? On the other hand, if a student produces 10000 rupees, then only 10 students become one lakh rupees; The margin of profits, excluding all costs, will be more than most of the physical product business. But coaching is not the only fast moving business sector; The clinic trading business may also be nearby, Many of these calculations come in coaching, but how many people survive by completing the full-time challenge? Rather, some youths take classes in coaching to spend their hands on studying, their inability to cut; It has a small impact. How can the school-college identification crisis be created? The Shadow Learning Concept is a globally encrypted one thing. In South Korea, the shadow education in South Korea was forced to be canceled later on. Mark Barry, former Assistant Director General, UNESCO, wrote a book on the shadow education. I did not read, because I have no interest in academic education, but I do not know what I mean, I do not know what u mean, but i love u knows exactly that – it seems bad to see such production. In the education sector, so thoughtful and thoughtful people should be involved. Shadow education – I do not understand myths, but parallel school movement should be added to the country. People of other occupations, but the people of the pashnet with the education will be there to contribute. It is forbidden to solve the book’s Math, but there may be discussion about the theory related to it. If it is available to some people! It takes money to take such a big initiative. Students are learning, interested people are teaching; Win-Win Sichuchen has to be exchanged, otherwise how long the charity can survive!

Country or foreign; The border is not a subject for the content to be compiled. Develop parallel schooling culture; Then there was a vacuum coaching, private teaching would eventually be lost to glamor. It is better to stop demand than to suffocate. Because one end of the suffocation, if the demand is empty, the whole system is over. Smart Thinking people do not deal with retail things, because they deal smartly because they are smart. Penetrations and blame can not be hidden from void, incompetence will be caught.

Be smart, Stay smart ……..

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