Jibanada Das: Where is orange!

A real-life story has influenced me to feel Jibananda Das. I had an affinity with one of my friends in my college life. He was superb in math as well as enlisted in the first math olympiad team of Bangladesh. As I know mental multiplication and had established the way of finding the formula of any odd-route, in that term I had a common interest ground with him. He got computer science in BUET, I immersed in all of the worthless activities of state including mastering languages, filmmaking leaving academic study. Once I met with him in BUET, he was continuously getting Cgpa 4 out of 4 while I was increasing the number of lapses. He was shocked to know that I was investing my time in writing. At last, you want to be Poet-litterateur sacrificing mathematics? How a normal man tends to write? What is the name of that guy? Jibananda Das or someone, Died by under the tram like a stupid. How idiot he was that he breathed his last under something like tram!
After the termination of student life, he joined BUET as a teacher and later switched to Google. He has no role in rest of my writing, however, I bracketed the word, Success, Some discussions may be tabled regarding the issue.
I never read poetry in my life, why I don’t feel comfortable to read rhymes, to answer it I have much analysis, but the most convincing reason is, as I cannot write verse, so I did not get interested in reading poetry. My sentences are savorless, the way of expression is attributed. Realizing the fact of not having the genius to convey one thousand lines in one line, I have kept myself apart from poetry.
The number of times I have heard the name ‘Jibananda’ in my childhood, he was constricted to me in this line-‘again I shall return to Dhansiri’s bank, to this Bengal’. I heard a line of Jibananda Das from one of my friends while I was in class 10,- ‘who loves to rise up affliction digging heart’. After that experience from BUET, I discovered Jibananda as a poet of lunatic psychology , who was crushed down under the tram. In this context, I bought huge collections of books regarding Jibannda Das. As the depth of the writing could not keep my eyes on the books, I could not proceed with more.
I have great interest in two writers of Bangladesh, the first one is Ahmed Sofa and the second one is Shahaduzzaman. The straightforwardness of Ahmed Sofa is fabulous, In case of Shahsduzzaman, it’s more interesting. Observing his constant experiment with style, format, and plot, I get inspired. Rather, the book, Cracher Colonel, Made him renowned is the most infirm creation of him. After reading his books-Bishorgoto Dukkho, Poschimer Megh e Sonar Singho, Koeykti Bohobbl Golpo-I was induced to communicate with him and in 2012 I have made an excellent relationship with him through E-mail.
It came to my knowledge that Shahaduzzaman was planning to write a book on Jibannada. It was my firm belief that if he writes a book, it will be a distinct identity out of prosaic trend, where there will be enough space for thought and review, and since then I was waiting for the book.
In my life, I read biographies most; then interview and book like the diary.Through this study, a perception as to imaginative mind and psychology has been developed. After reading Shahaduzzaman’s ‘Akjon Komlalebu’, at last, it seems to me that I got the background to write as for imaginative mind, the core focal point of its is Jibananda Das. I complete any writing on Facebook or blog within one effort, even I don’t read what I write, a high vigorous attitude is functioning in my mind on the eve of this writing.Most probably the redemption from 11 years of research is the base of this zeal.
Imaginative Vs Creative
One thing is noticeable, I am not using the word ‘creative’ for a single time, as the word creative is overrated to me. Creativity can be emerged out from the tactics of performing a task in unique approach than an orthodox approach . Imagination is powerful than creativity. Creative people are innumerable in the universe, however, a few people are imaginative, we regard those people creative who deal with story-verse, cinema or any art medium, even in terms of science and technology the word creative is used proportionately. As a result, mediocre or more than mediocre is more- less creative. But imagination is a unique feature.Creativity and imagination are mutually exclusive. To me, Jibananda das is not so much creative, after reading Shahaduzzaman’s book I have only one feeling, Imaginative people round the earth once or twice in a thousand years.
”Go to the light-darkness-inside brain.
Not dream,-anyone of the senses works!
Not dream-not peace-not love,
Anyone of the senses breeds inside the heart”!
Those who deal with thought process will get, how significance the load of feeling is! Sense is strong visualization, it cannot be extracted out through thinking, it is imagined, do not feel the feeling, It has to be viewed in some shape. It may be the feeling looks like Almira, Ship, but it must have a formation. Here imagination exceeds creativity. As the blessing of a student of English literature, he got the chance to read overseas poets’ poetry, he might have been influenced by Shelly, Yeats or Whitman especially by their way, but it is external. The illustration and visualization are his intrapersonal world.
Imagination in the pages of diary:
I have seen through Shahaduzzaman’s book that he wrote two thousand and five hundred poems, twenty novels, fifty plus essays and 100 plus stories. I have no reaction seeing these statistics but what drag my attention is he wrote 4 thousand pages of diary. He named the diary, literary notes. Once many introvert people used to record diary regularly; as they are not comfortable in oral communication, they note down their various thoughts in the pages of diary. Which is why diary has become their alternative ego. The world-reserved person becomes ’emperor Nepolean’ in the canvas of diary.
The psychology of diary is weird.Diary speaks with them, as they are victim of constant deprivation; anger and dissatisfaction active towards material world, diary turns into the place of divine justice where they unchain the chain of mind. And at one phase their activities are guided by diary. To proliferate imagination, the role of logbook is crucial than other contexts. However, it depends on how a diary can be your intimate one.
The person who writes the diary at the sunrise of life,’many worthless people got prominent in history, yet history does not keep archive of far genius people’, His observation and interpretations should get standing up ovation. The matter success is always subjective, those who do not have comprehensive subjective knowledge, they never do something remarkable in the perspective of world. Not fundamentalism or merit, success comes from sheer subjective intelligence. The success which is extreme worldly, on that ground, simply unique people will not be taken into account. suppose, you have initiated touching e-learning or tutorial, millions of people will appreciate you as you are working with such a thing what directly benefits them. Success is benchmarked by need fulfill factors. yet every need is more-less created artificially or imposed. Therefore you catch on the need of majority people, you reach the hight of life.

‘I do not want to go anywhere so soon,
What my inner being needs, I have enough time to place my footprint there by walking.
I have free time to wait a long time after reach there. ‘’
A person who depicts such profound insight, There is no likelihood in favor of him to top the summit of life. I have seen a drama long ago, father asks his poet son, how many verses have you written; the son replied, 30 poems. Taking the verse note on hand, father further said If you can, take 1 kg of rice. Jibananda himself was concerned about that, he noted it down in his daybook, ‘the only thing about human speech is wealth, property, things’.
Imaginative alien:
‘Art gives neither happiness nor property’.
‘ The things that cut to the quick usual intelligence and the imagination, which is not known, its crime is too much’.
These lines are from jibanand’s chronicle: Most of the litterateur in the world, especially the writers of Bengali language has spent their caliber and creativity by piling up word after word with normal life events. Kamrul, after went out of the office while walking towards the bus he has to carry the tensions of conjugal life, pressure of office’s boss, lenient scholar to be lost. How can he get up on the bus chasing so many counterparts. such type writings poured with narrative tales, is there need much talent to write it? what we have not viewed, think, realized; if something like that is written, it will transgress our antenna. Jibananand’s writings are accused of this crime. He did not write such genre of poetry- ‘My name is Bhola, feeling wavers’, he pictured the rhythm according to his sweet will, In his writings, he used a lot of dashes. So condemnation must be. Discerning it why he wrote this?
In lieu of figure out this question, it is exigent, why imaginative writers write, for whom they write and what they desire?
They write for people, however, they do not write for utter consumerist people around us, these people dwell in an imaginary world. Imaginative men bear the pain of personality disorder, they cannot grasp which one is the real world and fancy world. Someone glimpses number, Steamer, sound, and picture on the countenance of people. You are sitting beside an imaginative people, but he is not watching your appearance, seeing a flying bird. Those who call metaphor, eyes like cane fruit or other words cpmbination, they cannot get on to his brain function. Really not eyes, he saw cane’s fruit. As a result, these people write for with an eye to unspecified Reader’s or animal of any imaginative parallel universe. I call these people alien, who never had existed in this earth, Only a body has a temporary presence.
It is normal that people will be capitalist. Million of people will collect the books or videos of cv writing, as in this acquisitive world, it is crying need. Behind this, there are trillion dollars investment. He even does not know what he needs, but he perceives an expensive car, dress, phone, and a handsome salary job; he has to purchase the commodities constantly. Every person is a colossal shopping mall. On account of being controlled, He has conceded the avariciousness and there is no option to accept it. To shape prosaic people, many systems have been designed; Whatever you do, wherever you go, you have to buy and buy; we think later whether it is necessary, first purchase. So those people do not have the essence to learn thought process, mindset, their one and the only function is to consume.
Then why they write? As they do not find pleasure in anything except writing. Jibananda Das find the job out in his life because he did not like any work, no organization wants visionary people, as those who run the company have the vision themselves, they need employee who dedicates his youth and life to implement their vision.
There is no perfect job on the planet,
how we survive in this environment
loquacious was born at that age.
what are their demands then? Very simple, eat three times and dress one or two cloth . Jibananda will be a millionaire or people will wait for him for the autograph, even there is no reason that such kind of thinking would exist in his imagination. Just want to write and skip the misery of bread and butter. Demand is simple. Yet they fall in regular crisis as they do not have the idea about the rules-regulations of the globe, in their personal arena, many things are out of fashion.
Then how they carry on?
For this reason, they need a supportive life partner who motivates them and to meet the financial needs he engrosses in worldly tasks. Tolstoy’s wife typed his manuscripts. There remains the sacrifice of an unconditional life partner behind every eminent person, that history does not evaluate it is a tragedy. Imaginative people are absolute self-centered.They do not have any concentration to carry the responsibility out for husband or wife, Notwithstanding, they need support. It is called selfishness logically.but selfish for a greater purpose. One person once came to Vidyasagar asking for money to drink alcohol, Vidyasagar replied ‘I do not pay for alcohol’. The man addressed Vidyasagar as lier and further said that you send money to Micheal Madusydon Dutta for sipping wine. Vidyasagar smiled and further replied, ‘First, you write poetry like Meghnadh Badh’. As the works and thoughts of self-centered people are not effective in ordinary life, Why does the sacrifice of worldly people need for them? Because they have developed an invisible community, reserving the time and thinking for upcoming days, that will connect someone to the 100 years latter’s universe; in this way, the human chain network of the ages is developed; we live for today, they live for 100 years from today. Which is why, sacrifice is needed.
Then what they want? Just a bit of appreciation and recognition. It is a completely materialistic trait, isn’t it? Jibannada run after many writers including Rabindranath, Promoth Chowdhury to get the review of his books. If he is so much stoic and dispassionate, these appreciations will not require for him. It is one kind of psychological deviation. If a rickshaw puller is asked about the objective of love, his answer would be -to have sex, an imaginative one will depict it that to merge in on point by covering distance. One is classical from another; the contrast is here.
There are a lot of humanities divergence.Such as, Buddhadeb always supported Jibananda, yet, Jibananda was jealous of Buddhadeb’s success and wrote the story lampooning him. From superiority complex, mind cannot agree on to see oneself a superior position over me, in case of intimate one, the degree of enviousness increases. The allurement of appreciation and establishment sticks to us, notwithstanding, are they exceptional? The grave darkness is needed to veil shining light, this is the balance. The more wealthy a person is, the more affliction he has.
The opium of sexuality:
Does not the question arise, why Such ultimate unworldly indifference people take part in established subjective and acquisitiveness arrangements like domestic life. Most of the imaginative and highly creative people are often bitter sensual passionate. Unusual and indomitable seductiveness guide them severely. They think sexuality as communication. Being concerted infection of fantasy and obsession, they lead domestic life. And at one phase physicality is a matter of perseverance. On account of the factors including personal-image, social discipline they get involved in conjugal life, but sexual fantasy hardly diminish. Someone enjoys sensuality by imagining others on their beloved body; very peculiar psychology. Jibanada went to pubs, masturbate inconsiderately, but I do not think that he unveils the enigma of sexual instinct. However, I think, in these cases, in place of participating physical intercourse, observing others sensuality got higher attention. Pervert and physical attractiveness are not synonymous; the physical-centered senses become maximal in any phase of imagination. Family life does not mean merely sex, duty and responsibility are profoundly connected to it. These guys, having fugacious mentality from mundane life, cannot carry the heavy load of covetousness, as a result their life comes to an end through utmost unsatisfied conjugal life.
Devine destination:
Jibanada’s Whole life has been guided by his cousin, Shovana. The background behind all of his creations was obsession surrounding Shovana. There lives ‘a Shovana’ in almost every imaginative mind; it can be termed as the divine destination. The infatuations of introvert and unsmart Jibananda circling Shovana have been created, the base is, Shovana is a girl lives in town and modern in dress up. He got the chance of physical intimacy with Shovana, but what he did not realize that is, Shovan is not a character of the real world, it is a character which lives in the imaginary world. If he got married to Shovan, he would not get rid of this character, and to pure himself, the inspiration of this character was a crying need. This relation is not for love, sex, and not even in realization’s relation; the bond is entirely self-love relation. It’s a puritan version of sexual fantasy. If there is male in imagination, there will no space to present perfectly to his eyes, but a female character means there are huge arrangements rounding her, and trying continually to make oneself enriched. As a result, the Shovanaras’ become neither wife nor belove, they flow as a form of rail line like parallel straight line, which plays the source of creativity and imagination roles. Husband or wife, they can consider themselves as being duped by this character, but the Shovanaras’ are out of control, even if Shovana appears before, it seems to that Shovana is actually someone else. The name is just a wig. As the fictional character evolved out as Shovana for the first time, that is why he passes throughout his life by borrowing the name, Shovana, but from the genuine Shovana, the imagined character has been erased long ago; since this complex psychological radiation cannot be conceived, conflict between husband and wife occurs. Husband or wife is acutely a subjective identity, but the divine destination is a separate matter, owing to the impact of divine destinations, eyes are the fruit of cane, deers come, Mahin’s horses eat grass. The imaginative mind cannot grasp when his divine destination, which is one of his beings, completes objectives by him in disguise of opposite gender.
What’s the poet, where the poet
Once my inner being will out of my body
could not I come back to the world?
May I return again
Once foggy night
A frozen orange with the torn flesh
On the edge of a way to death person’s bed.
I can not read poetry, Jibananda’s writings did not seem poetry. His every word teems with feeling, grave imagination, and the arrangement to construct an entirely separate world. World poet’s golden Bangla, Nazrul’s Bangladesh, Jibananda’s Rupashi Bangla, her beauty is limitless-this is the worst evaluation by the poetry of Ananda Shankar regarding Jibanada. To benchmark his writing through the words-nature, glamour- is the bottleneck of thinking, even he cannot be interpreted completely through surrealism or absurdity. The way Kaffa has created an entire zone Of literature, on reading Jibanada it seemed to me he has every quality to hold a distinctive ground in Bangla literature. A big part of Jibananada’s disciples pretend by uttering such kind of adjectives ‘spellbound’, ‘mind-blowing’ without internalizing his writing, and subject to that the followers feel the obligation to call him extra-ordinary, On running the deepest discovery of his writing with imaginative mind and psychological view, if you read, you will get quaked. Not word after word, as if it is the puzzle of ages, after solving it you have to go for the investigation of parallel universe, and moving is the destiny.
The attachment in realization:
Shahduzzaman stated in 2014, my stories are not the story, if you read, you will get that it is wriiten from my mind.My stories did not get better review from anyone. Those who read some books, they reviewed my books as esoteric and who read a lot of books, they mentioned that they don’t like. I decided not to publish books; 4 books are the last emblem of memoir in my writing arena. On reading that Shahaduzzaman’s book, I perceive again that I should be more serious about writing. If needed that it is E-book, yet there is no way to compromise in case of writing. I write blogs or Facebook posts in one effort, may the temperament of experiment and assessment to write books turn back. I will read all of the verses of Jibananda, and I will write books again.
Loving 19 and 23, Kamlalebu (Orange) is here………..

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